Meet The Team

Our specialist lettings team is the Life-blood of Flemings. We eat, sleep and breath lettings. Most importantly, we are your lettings team!

Our whole focus is on keeping it simple; to cut through all the red tape, myths and jargon surrounding letting and renting. We partner you through the process from beginning to end with a positive and proactive “can-do” attitude, helping to make your experience positive, smooth and hassle-free.

And it doesn’t stop there; Once you're a landlord or tenant with Flemings, we're always on hand with timely practical help, advice and support.

Now, meet the members of one of the hardest working “lettings only” teams in West Yorkshire...

Adam - Director

Adam - Director

Being a bit of a “petrol-head” I know how important it is that every single part contributes to the performance of the well-oiled machine.

I'm proud that the team at Flemings delivers high performance customer service every day.

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Michelle - Letting Specialist

Michelle - Letting Specialist

I'm a bit of a “bargain hunter”, and understand only too well, the importance of getting value for money.

At Flemings, I believe we give excellent value for money to both landlords and tenants alike.

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Caroline - Letting Specialist

Caroline - Letting Specialist

As well as being a bit of a “shopaholic” (well who isn't?), I'm also very into DIY.

I believe that my own demands for quality and performance afford me an empathy with clients in meeting their individual needs.

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Debbie - Lettings Support

Debbie - Lettings Support

Ok, so I'm a fitness freak as well as a bit of a wine buff. My determination to attain my fitness goals, spills over into my business life with a real commitment to achieve standards of excellence in everything I do.

And the wine interest? Well, we all need to unwind occasionally!

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Sharon - Client Accounts

I have a very detailed approach to everything I do.

This obviously helps me tremendously in an area of the business where guesswork is not an option!

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